We help you re-imagine a better world, explore new opportunities for growth, thrive in uncertainty and achieve remarkable results with peak performance and joy.

A tailored approach

Global and local clients work with us to achieve breakthroughs in leadership and professional development.

Our tailored approach to coaching and consulting provides a creative environment to focus on the real challenges and opportunities to achieve transformative results.

Combining purpose and contribution with meaningful goals and emotional fulfillment we help our clients define and measure true success.

The AMINONA difference

1 - We are one team

We work as one team, aligned to a common philosophy and partner in a creative, innovative and fun process to inspire you to go beyond what you thought possible. We harness the power of connection, collaboration and teamwork to work joyfully, leveraging our talents, resources and energy to achieve the impossible.

2 - Holistic and tailored

Our approach is holistic and tailored to you. We combine transformative conversations with core competencies allied to action and accountability. Together we identify what’s most important and create a safe, supportive environment of confidentiality, mutual respect and trust to achieve your desired outcomes.

3 - We’ve sat in the seat

Our eco-system of experts and top professionals have first hand experience across multiple different business models, industries, organisation types, cultures, strategies, transformations, acquisitions, crisis and expansions. Remarkable results are achieved through the collective power of men and women working together towards shared goals based on a clear vision for a meaningful purpose.

It’s always further, taller, harder than it looks

We partner with high impact leaders who lead with ambition to leave the organisation and world in a better place.