Maelys Castella is a strategic visionary with a passion for talent development and team dynamics. She honed her leadership skills at the highest level in blue chip organisations.

"Surfing the wave of life in a state of flow enables us to focus and achieve extraordinary results"​

AMINONA Consulting was formed by my desire to express my passion for personal development, leadership and performance by combining my C-level expertise with my executive coaching skills.

Working for 30 years as a top executive for international listed companies and as non-executive director, I have a strong track record in setting strategic vision and achieving operational performance goals for B2B and B2C businesses.

Having experienced different business models, industries, organisations types, cultures, strategies, transformations, crisis, large acquisitions, international expansion, I am convinced that people are the most precious asset of a company and any great successes are built on the collective power of men and women working together towards shared goals based on a clear vision for a meaningful purpose.

I have developed a passion in talent development and team dynamic. I am very proud to receive regular messages from people who worked in my teams giving me news on their progress and stating that they have benefited from my mentoring and have learnt and grown with me.

I decided to make the jump and create a dedicated consulting company to inspire other leaders and share my vision of a different type of leadership, engaged, human and authentic.

I have let go my fears and judgment of others as I have learnt through life that growth often comes from the most difficult experiences and challenges.

Benefiting from my expertise and a network of experts, coaches and business professional AMINONA Consulting brings to leaders an opportunity to grow faster opening their eyes to new ways to lead and shine by uncovering their full potential.