Our eco-system of leaders and experts bring together a wealth of industry and world experience. We’re united by the idea our best work is created through collaboration, innovation and fun.

We’re a breath of fresh air, bringing an irresistible energy to every relationship. Our focus on partnering, being real, open and non-judgmental creates a safe, supportive space to explore new opportunities for growth, breakthrough plateaus and create a better future.

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Gravenhage, The Netherlands


Finance M&A Marketing Strategy Innovation |
Sustainability Board 

Maëlys Castella is an experienced finance and business leader with a strong track record in B2B and B2C businesses both in C-level executive and non-executive roles. She has expertise in finance, strategy, marketing, innovation and sustainability for listed international groups. She has led major transformation projects contributing to significant cost improvements and a culture of performance.

“I am convinced that people are the most precious asset of a company and any great successes are built on the collective power of men and women working together towards shared goals based on a clear vision for a meaningful purpose.”

Maëlys Castella

Maëlys is an independent Non-executive Director, Chair of the audit and member of the remuneration committees for BIC Group, a world leader in stationary, lighters and shavers and Chair of the Audit Committee and member of the sustainability committee for C&A, a leading global fashion retail business.

She is the founder and CEO of AminonaConsulting, a consulting and coaching services company. As a professional, Executive Coach she helps leaders, entrepreneurs and emerging talent to unlock their true potential and develop a more sustainable, responsible minded way to do business.

She believes human capital is a key asset for companies to develop and nurture in order to deal with increasingly complex and fast changing environments.

Her international experience in various industries combined with a bespoke approach to coaching, creates a trusted and independent partnership for leaders to continually grow, learn and develop into the best they can, thereby creating new opportunities and positive impact.

Starting her career in finance in the oil and gas industry working for Elf now part of TOTAL Group, she joined Air Liquide a world leader in gases and services for industry and health and held various senior management positions in finance and marketing. In 2014, she moved to the Netherlands to join the management board of Akzonobel, a paint, coating and chemicals company as Chief Financial Officer and then as a member of the Executive Committee and Corporate Development Officer.

She holds a masters degree in Energy Management and Policy from University of Pennsylvania and French Institute of Petroleum (IFP) and an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris. She has followed the executive coaching program of iPEC- Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, which is ICF certified.




Leadership Transformation | Wellness

Arnold Ferrier is a Certified Professional Coach and business leader with 30 years’ experience working with major international b2b and b2c clients. He specialises in 1:1 high performance coaching for business leaders, entrepreneurs and high achievers. These include CEO’s, board directors, C-suite executives and management consultants for the likes of EY, Diageo, Emirates Bank, C&A, BIC, SNC-Lavalin, Microsoft, Harvard Business School and Insead alumni.

Arnold has created numerous 1:1 Leadership and Group coaching programmes helping outwardly successful leaders tame their inner critic to achieve personal and professional growth. His transformational coaching programme the Incubator is a bespoke training programme to support newly qualified certified coaches.

Unlike traditional coaching that often follows a prescriptive format, Arnold’s approach is to tailor make each programme to reflect his clients’ very specific needs and ambitions. Confidentiality, non-judgment and freedom of self-expression are all at the heart of each client relationship.

Alongside his own coaching practice, Arnold is a Success Coach at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), one of the world’s leading ICF-Accredited coach training programmes. He has coached innumerable students, giving them the tools and the confidence to move forward and inspire their own clients.

“A growth mindset is essential for individuals looking to thrive in turbulent times, deal with inner confidential.”

Arnold Ferrier

Arnold has three iPEC certifications to his name: Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and COR.E Dynamics Performance Specialist (CPDS), a postgraduate certification for maximising client performance.

Prior to setting up his own coaching practice, Arnold was a pioneer in e-commerce. In 1998, he set up and ran his own successful supplement and fitness brand, SNCDirect. In 2014, he also worked as a consultant for a number of clients such as Allegro Plc, where he led various initiatives designed to turn ailing businesses around and increase shareholder value.

Arnold lives in Brighton where he writes a weekly newsletter, Random Wednesdays. He is also an active listener at the Samaritans, a unique UK charity dedicated to reducing feelings of isolation and disconnect in the community.




Design-thinking Agile 
Start up Tech Coaching Transitions 


During the past 7 years, her path took her from a design agency in Paris to a big tech company in Amsterdam, and all the way back to the beautiful Pyrénées in the south of France.


She worked with many different clients, from startups to insurance companies, and  led agile tech teams working on one of the biggest e-commerce in the world. Along the way, she got to wear many hats: designer, researcher, strategist, manager, team leader, mentor, trainer…


Her focus gradually shifted from products to people and organisations, and she decided to hone her people skills with an in-depth, ICF accredited coach training.


Today, she partners with professionals from the Tech industry and work with them on team dynamics, agile methodologies, organisational design and 1:1 coaching around leadership and transitions.

“People are always at the center of what I do, whether I'm coaching, facilitating ordesigning process.”

Adèle Beauchamp



Alice Cordier guides you to the path towards BALANCE. 

After a career start in sales and marketing Alice was trained in the US and in China in osteopathy and has developed a unique holistic method to connect the body and mind systems to create an optimal stress free flow. 

High performance, whether it be for top artists or business people, is a matter of the perfect dialogue between motor and sensory nervous systems. Through the observation of Chinese kung fu masters while living in China, and through expertise work with world class singers and dancers, I developed a unique method to strengthen the dialogue between the two systems.

It has resulted into BioGuidance ®️ a full body and mind rebalancing workout which aims at dissolving physical and emotional blockages, through a clear step by step path. Top performers regain full control over physical and emotional challenges through deep neuro-muscular de-programmation of old postural habits and conscious re-programmation of healthy breathing and posture in order for them to achieve their maximal potential.

Supporting both the physical performance and the mind allows for major performing artists and high performance managers to train themselves. My method teaches them how to allow themselves to focus on perfection. 




Supply Chain | Logistics | leadership Development |
Sales Management |Coaching | Training


Frank is an experienced global executive with 32 years of leadership experience in B2B and B2C within FMCG in manufacturing, supply chain operations and international business development. He has expertise in supply chain and logistics, sales management, business development, leadership development and training for listed and non-listed multinational organizations. He has a passion to be involved in new developments, transformations and change projects.

“Human capital is the key for leaders ans businesses to thrive and excel in delivering sustainable growth and winning performance for both the individual as well as the organization. To unlock their potential is both challenging as well as rewarding.”

Frank Dam

Starting his career with Bols Royal Distilleries, working for 11 years ending up at the head of logistics position. After a change to logistics management position in food retail with Laurus supermarkets, he than joined Hillebrand Group, a leading logistics service provider in the wine &  spirits industry. This offered the opportunity to hold several global leadership positions in both international business development, global sales management, leadership development and training and running a P&L,  based around the world (UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Singapore and Canada).


Having spent the last 12 years involved in leadership development, training and coaching his focus is to transform people and organisations’ potential into sustainable growth and winning performance. He is the founder of Sea2sky-global offering coaching, consulting and training services. Spending time in nature energizes him and fuels his admiration for ecosystems and their balance. Sailing connects him to nature’s elements and supports his  belief that the only constant is change and therefore we ha ve to adjust and adapt to get to our desired destination.

He holds a Master of Food Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, a European Master Logistician degree from the ELA and a Bachelor degree in logistics and economics from the University of applied sciences in Rotterdam. In addition, he completed several leadership and development programs at IMD Lausanne, IESE Barcelona and University of Sankt Gallen.  He is a Certified Professional Coach, having completed the ICF accredited executive coaching program with iPEC. 


Confirmed global CEO,
international speaker,
author and
changemaker on my own journey of BEing before doing


Holistic alignment Spiritual Entrepreneurship 
Inspiring Leadership 


Passionate about BEing before Doing and the betterment of self, I am dedicated to walking my own conscious journey and inspire others to do the same. 


“ (in the) Now, there’s a lot of talk about what we should be doing. What comes next… that gut feeling for our need to progress. Connecting the learnings from those met along the way to see further into the future. Align our potential. Realizing we are not self-made (human) beings; rather that our experiences and education fall short of the true parameters for our complete success.


Fortunate, I have been blessed with the significance of this insight along my personal and professional journey. Guided by many amazing moments in life, inspiration remains the source of my drive through many resourceful failures and equally, some extraordinary achievement. As an entrepreneur, an international businessman, and currently a strategic life coach, my focus is clear: connect the energy that brings compassion and authenticity into being. My superpower is in revealing access to your divine self that lies beyond expectation and surrender in pursuit of being extraordinary.


Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP

“When your concept of who you are and where to go is aligned, life responds with what to do.”

Marco Houwen