AMINONA is a coaching consultancy that scales the true potential of high impact
leaders and organisations to promote business for good.

We are all greater than we
think we are

We help you re-imagine a better world, explore new opportunities for growth, thrive in uncertainty and achieve remarkable results with peak performance.

Championing a growth mindset

The answers you seek are within you. We champion you to become more resilient, inspiring, innovative and impactful. To ultimately create a better future and improve people’s lives.

The higher you climb,
the more oxygen
you need

Imagine aligning everyone around a meaningful purpose. You lead with integrity and authenticity. Your organisation is responsive and resilient. Culture is collaborative and diverse. People are connected and committed. Impossible inspires innovation. Energy and emotional intelligence are in balance.

How prepared are you?

Our team

We’re an eco-system of passionate leaders, coaches and consultants sharing a diverse collaborative culture. We bring a breath of fresh air and irresistible energy to every client relationship.